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Streak counter set to 0...

Why couldn't you work off the days you missed and restore your streak count... I'm sure I cant do like 100 days in a row even if I wanted to... It would be nice to have some symbolic rewards... or statistics of some kind to look back to overall...

May 26, 2013



You can look at your skill points or level, for example. These are never taken from you.

Streak is meant to motivate people to study every day. If you can't study every day regardless of your wishes, just ignore this indicator.


yeah you're right... but I feel with the time based tests its fairly easy to climb the skill point latter... But maybe it gets harder with time...As far as I'm concerned, I studied 5 days and are already on level 6.. even though I don't feel like it...


Don't worry, your progress through the levels will slow down as you need more points to advance the higher you are (for example you need 80 points to get to level 4 but 750 for level 11 and 1100 points for level 14).


Don't understand the dislike here. I'm not interested in symbolic rewards, but having a record of the longest streak (+ time spend, most points earned per week etc.) could help to motivate people to try to beat their own record.

The streak may be meant to motivate people to study every day, but the length itself could become less important when you're only thinking about not breaking it.


there you have it... length becomes less import the more you stretch it... So its not something that can keep you going for a global long term... Imagine someone get a 100 or 200 in a row that he is very proud of and suddenly it breaks... He might even have a hard time continuing "after his great achievement". Anyway, you obviously haven't played a lot of computer games. The entire thing is a symbolic reward that can keep you on for a loooong time... Considering the deal with World of Warcraft and addiction (children starving to death), symbolic values are important to this...


"you obviously haven't played a lot of computer games."

Best compliment ever.

I'm a bit surprised though that you disagree with me, because I thought you started the discussion for the reason that this "symbolic reward that can keep you on for a loooong time" doesn't motivate you enough.


Sorry, no offense! Here is the thing: I absolutely do need rewards... The kill streak simply does not represent this much of a reward for me... Its just too hard to get it... What about those days when I'm out in the desert hunting Jerboas and collecting the broken dreams of drowned ice bears... I don't have any internet connection there... How do you expect me to log on and practice?!? I need something that allows me to go online every two and a half days... No seriously, I really appreciate the program and the attitude of the people behind it. So I would really like to stay on it indefinitely...

Besides: obviously the timer didn't reset in my case... so there must be some kind of latency...

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