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  5. "Níl sé ann faoi láthair."

"Níl ann faoi láthair."

Translation:He is not there at the moment.

August 28, 2014



I think there should be a few more translations accepted for "faoi láthair", such as "presently/ (right) now", yes? I have reported "presently". Perhaps since "right now = ag na nóiméad seo" it won't be taken ? But even then, that's not an exact translation either, so maybe someone should report that one too?


Presently means soon. Presently does not mean at present.


Níl sé anseo- tá sé as láthair

Common classroom phrase when calling the 'rolla'


Any Irish speakers know why "now" doesn't work here? Or what adverb you would use to say "now" instead of "at the moment/currently"


What is incorrect about "Currently he is not there"?


Isn't "now" precise enough? I was taught that "right now" is okay in speech but needlessly duplicative and should be shortened in writing. If now isn't now then what span of time is it? imho, there is a significant branch of editing that should be recognized in this translation. Is this type of edited writing American only?


"He is not there just now"


I am reviewing but don't remember any of these. I wish I knew what lesson this was so I could read over the notes again. I don't understand what "faoi" is used for in any of these sentences. Every one of them seems to have a different meaning.


The basic meanings of faoi are: - beneath, below - about. I tend to get which one by context. After those two, have at the long listing san fhoclóir!


The problem is that faoi doesn't seem to mean any of those in these sentences. I can't get anything by context in Irish sentences. I really don't have enough vocabulary yet. And my verbs are really horrible. I can't remember most of them, most of the time. I need to see verbs all conjugated out for me to understand them and we don't have those options on the Irish tree yet.


faoi:under, about láthair: spot, location Tá sé faoi láthair: It is under location. It is present.


Why not:- "it is not there at present" This is marked wrong


He is not there now


At present not acceptable


"It is not here at present"


Can someone please explain the difference between 'ann' and 'ansin' and when they should be used? Thanks.

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