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  5. "Is maith leat an bia sin."

"Is maith leat an bia sin."

Translation:You like that food.

August 28, 2014



could i say "is maith leat bia sin", or does "the" have to come before the noun to say that?


Generally "an" or "na" is needed. It's like you're saying "you like the food there".

  • "These things" could be translated as "Na rudaí seo",

  • "Those things" could be translated as "Na rudaí sin",

  • "This thing" could be translated as "An rud seo", and

  • "That thing" could be translated as "An rud sin".


so, "seo" litterally means here and "sin" there?
it could be logic: "the thing there" is "that thing", "the thing here" is "this thing"..
I love this Language more each day!


It is pretty a nice way to remember "this" for closer things and "that", farther.


There’s also úd for “yonder” (more remote than sin / “that”).


Also seems to explain a lot of Hiberno-English I've heard over the years.


I actually think you're mistaken. I used Google Translate and "That" = "Sin", and "There" = "Ann".


When Google Translate conflicts with just about any other source, it's a safe bet that Google Translate is wrong. The general rule is that if you think you need to use Google Translate for Irish, you don't know enough Irish to understand the mistakes that is is making on your behalf.

sin can mean "that" in some circumstances, (sin é - "that's it", mar sin - "like that") but to say "that X" you need the an - an X sin.

ann can mean "in it" and it can mean "there", an it can mean other things too. Ansin can mean "there" and "then".


No, I believe that you need the "an" here. "Is maith leat bia sin" sounds very incorrect.

"that food" is some particular food, not any random food, so you need a definite article to distinguish 'that' food. Does that make sense?


so "that" is always translated as "an ----- sin" and "those" is always translated as "na ---- sin". is that correct?


To be honest, I'd be hesitant to give you any always rules, I sort of have to say it to myself a few times and see does it '''feel''' correct. I'm not a native speaker, I learnt Irish in school some years ago, so I'm not a definitive source of rules. I'm just trying to help out here where I can, because I am so happy and greatful for this course and all the work put in by the team, and I want to do my small bit to help Irish.

Anyway, having gone through a few examples in my head, I '''think''' so. Anything like "is maith liom X sin" just sounds wrong without a definite article. "Is maith liom cailíní sin" sounds more like "I like girls there", as opposed to "is maith liom na cailíní sin = I like those girls there". But I'll ask someone to varify that for me.


Don't tell me what food I like!


Could I have this to be a question as well, sort of like in english with the rising intonation "(Do) you like that food" ?


No. You would have to either use the question version of the copula (an), or add some extra phrase at the end to indicate that it is a question:

  • An maith leat an bia sin? Do you like that food?
  • Is maith leat an bia sin, nach ea? You like that food, don't you? (literally You like that food, isn't it?)
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