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  5. "Briseann sí seacláid."

"Briseann seacláid."

Translation:She breaks chocolate.

August 28, 2014



Shouldn't this be "She breaks the chocolate" ? Or better still "she breaks chocolate into tiny pieces". I don't think the phrase can stand alone.


No, “She breaks the chocolate” would be Briseann sí an sheacláid. “She breaks chocolate” can stand alone, e.g. as an answer to “What does she break?”.


Is this 'break' in the sense of 'breaking in two (or more) parts' or 'break' in the sense of the object losing its functionality, i.e. being 'broken'?


Well, it has to include the first meaning but I don't see why it couldn't be logically extended to the second without any real malglico. Obviously, not in this context though but I am finding the idea of someone altering the physical laws of this universe and accidentally ruining chocolate for everyone amusing.


I think it can mean either depending on context. You can break chocolate, but not really so that it loses its function; inversely you can't break a plate without it losing functionality.


She breaks the chocolate as part of a candy making process.


Tá tú "helpful" Lol I don't know helpful in Irish

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