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  5. "Han er en dreng."

"Han er en dreng."

Translation:He is a boy.

August 29, 2014



I hear this sentence as " hen en (d)ra-ing. D is hardly pronounced.


It is pronounced 100% correctly, I'm afraid :) Word and sentenced endings are pronounced very softly or muddled in Danish. The Danish pronoun"Han" is pronounced a lot like the first syllable in the English names "Hannah" and "Hannity". "Er" is pronounced a lot like the English "air", but leaning more towards the German word syllable "ehr", as in "Ehrlich". And "dreng" you could say "drei", and try to pronounce it like the German word for the number 3, and then add "ng" at the end, "drei-ng":

So it would be "han air en drei-ng", or "han ehr en drei-ng". But remember, the pronunciation is very soft compared to English and German.

Hope this helps!


Still I can't catch 'r' sound in the word. I can hear strong 'xh' sound for 'r' like French R sound. What would be the problem?


My mom is danish, i am american. I am just trying to impress her but jeg am trash at Dansk


I hear "han eng dreng". Do Danish speakers speak REALLY fast or is there an error in the audio?


The audio is perfect, at least in the fast version (I'm currently unable to hear the slow). Danes do speak fast. Sometimes two words are almost melted together, sometimes one word is barely pronounced. In this case a native might say "Han er'n dreng" in daily conversation. But don't bother about this, we will speak slowly if you ask. :)

Here are the words used in the sentence "Han er en dreng" clearly and individually separately by natives:

han http://da.forvo.com/search-da/han/

er http://da.forvo.com/search-da/er/

en http://da.forvo.com/search/en/da/

dreng http://da.forvo.com/search/dreng/

I hope that helps. :)


Sofiadcs, thank you!


that's what I heard as well, and came here to see if the audio was ok.


This is the first time I'm coming across "dreng".


So many similarities with Swedish..

Swedish: Han ar en pojke (He is a boy) Danish: Han er en dreng (He is a boy)


Hehe! Sounds like she's singing when you hover over the sentence word for word!


im learning danish it is so cool


He was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it any more obvious?


Being Swedish, there are a few relatable words so thankfully it's a bit easier


I typed the Danish but it's saying i gave English


why does it sound "han er omkring"?


I heared sounds hardly wow there is a languag that it's harder than chinese

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