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  5. "Ithim na torthaí."

"Ithim na torthaí."

Translation:I eat the fruits.

August 29, 2014



In (American) English "the fruit" is both singular and plural-- "the fruits" is almost never used outside archaic/idiomatic speech (e.g., "the fruits of their labor") -- would the program have accepted "I eat the fruit" as an alternative? (To explicitly specify that fruit is plural, we generally have to add a phrase like "several pieces of"-- would that have been accepted?)


It accepted fruit (singular) for me.


"I eat the fruit" is accepted as far as I know, but it might be useful to type the "s" just to prove that you know that "torthaí" is plural.


That's what I did, since I wasn't sure the others would be right! Thanks for the confirmation...


"Correct solutions: I eat the results. I eat the fruits."


I eat my exam results... my parents shall never know.


I snorted when I saw the correct solutions. xD


" I eat -the- fruit" is not valid. "I eat fruit" should be accepted as it is more in line with colloquial language.


"Your mother gave you a crate of fruit last week and told you to eat some every day. Do you eat it?"

"Yes, I eat the fruit."


Was it all one fruit, like apples? Or were there different fruits, like apples, oranges, and bananas?


It is valid, though less common. It refers to specific fruit.


Studied Irish for 15 odd years in Ireland and no-one ever made the connection between torthaí as fruits and as results - my goodness.


So is na used in plural tense and an used in singular



It would be exceedingly rare in English to say, "I eat the fruits", fruit being a collective noun like people, beer, or deer. "I see the peoples" would be quite different than "I see the people". I rarely drink beers, as I prefer to stick with one type of beer. I can't even think of a situation where "deers" would be appropriate, unless one is speaking of different species of deer, but even then it seems very odd.

Local idiom (in southern Ontario), understands "I eat the fruits" as "I eat the homosexuals", which a bit pejorative. And cannibalistic.


It says I eat the results...? What.


See the right Answer now


Its telling me the answer is I eat the results


I'm glad i was wrong "I eat the turtles"


Does anyone know, is the pluralization of toradh to torthai irregular, or is this a pattern seen in other words? I find the variations of plurals a bit confusing. It would be nice if they explained how it worked in the tips and notes.

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nouns ending in radh often have a rthaí plural ending.

an colscaradh, na colscarthaí
an bearradh, na bearrthaí
an conradh, na conarthaí


Since "fruits" in English is knit a commonly used word I thought of a wat it would be used to remember. When speaking of two different types of fruit one could also say "they are two different fruits".

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