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How long did it take you?

For those of you who have mastered all of the German lessons available, approximately how long did it take you? I understand everyone goes at their own pace, but I'm wondering if it is possible to do all the lessons in about 6 months? Or will it take me longer? I'm not sure how long each module takes, so I would like to hear from those who have done them all. I'm going to Germany next year (in about 8 months) and I would like to have a good grasp of the language by the time I get there. I have been learning German for about 4 years now, but just self taught, looking things up in books. Danke!

August 29, 2012



I agree that it totally depends on the individual, how much time you have, and whether you already have some experience with the language. I did Duolingo Spanish, in which I had virtually no experience, in about 3 months. Just out of curiosity, I then tried German (which I speak fluently) and mastered all the lessons (by going straight to Test Out of this Skill) in about 4 days. I had a number of arguments with the answers Duolingo gave along the way, which is an experience I also had with Spanish. I must say, that I got hooked in both languages and found it hard to stop each day. The biggest gripe I had, was that there was so much repetition of seemingly nonsense material. The translations are more fun.


It really depends. Like you, I've studied German for a few years (though I had classes, not self-taught), so for what it's worth... I joined 5 weeks ago, and am currently level 12, and halfway through the modules. I do about an hour a day (150 points on average). I imagine getting through the rest will take me much longer, as I'm close to reaching the point where I'm learning new vocabulary and not just reviewing what I'd forgotten. If you do a few hours a day I'm sure you'll be relatively confident when you move in 8 months.


I agree with elae. To prevent "culture shock" try to listen to German films etc. on a regular basis. You will hear accents etc. which will give you trouble. If you can see films with subtitles, you can do a lot.


I joined DL about 3 months ago, with no preliminary eduction in German, though I do have some affinity to the language. I've learned and 'mastered most most of the skills now, but what I would like to add is that 'mastering' all the skills is no real indication that you are ready to speak German just yet. Indeed, watch some movies or just the news, read some things on the web (e.g. find the tourism site of the place you're going and read it in German), that's a much better indication. And don't worry about the Germans, most are nice enough to throw in a word of English if you're not managing ;)


Thanks, everyone! Good to know!


Danke, weerlicht. That is good to know.

I have reached level nine in just a week. Imagine it will get slower as I progress, but I'm finding it quite easy so far. It's been about a year since I've had any continuous practice, so I'm a little rusty, but I'm remembering and picking things up again quite fast.

I first started studying German about four years ago, but it's all been self taught from books and podcasts. I've had very little opportunity to speak German with anyone, so my conversation skills are terrible, but I can actually read pretty good. I am continuing to listen to podcasts. I would watch German films if I could find any in Canada, but it's almost impossible. I had a friend send me some DVD's from Germany, but they wouldn't work in my DVD player. I am also now for the first time going to be doing conversation practice with a friend of mine who is a native speaker. We will have Deutsch Kaffee once a week. :)

My plan with duolingo is to get through the German courses as fast as possible, and then continue with the site working on translations. And of course keeping up with my weekly conversations and podcasts. I just wanted to know if 6 months was a realistic time frame to progress through all the lessons, so I think from what I've heard from the answers that sounds reasonable, considering I have a little background in the language already.

Thanks again!

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