"Drenge spiser brød."

Translation:Boys eat bread.

August 29, 2014

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I'm finding it really difficult to hear the difference in pronunciation in dreng, drenge and drengen. They all sound the exact same to me, even though I know they mean different things! Same with brød/brødet, vand/vanden etc. Anyone have any advice on how to hear the differences better?


See this thread if you didn't already :)


Thanks runem, that's a very helpful link. Although even with the help of forvo I'm still struggling to hear the difference between brød and brødet - hopefully I'll get it one day!


About brød: I feel that when natives say "brød" you hear a really soft "d" at the end, while with "brødet" you hear even less. At least this is my impression from listening to Forvo.


You'll start to hear the difference as time goes on. The great thing about the Scandinavian languages is that they are some what similar. For example. Jeg er en mand (Danish) and Jag är en man (Swedish) are very similar. However, they sound very different a lot of word can be read and written the same. It's just the same for Norwegian. If you learn one you should be able to learn them all.


All those languages though. Boa sorte com o português.


Except Finnish...


I don't understand the pronunciation of brød... :/


Brwott...imagine and say as if the r is followed by a w. Same as in German.


Ones said it sounded like someone is vomiting.

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    To me it sounds kinda "bwelld" except the vowel is different

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      I actually really like how Danish sounds.


      The secreat about danish pronunciation is think you have a toad in your mouth...


      can someone please tell me the rule for plural? a boy: en dragen...boys: drage?


        "Drage" means "dragon" and "dragen" means "the dragon"
        To turn "boy" into "boys" in Danish, you turn "dreng" into "drenge". Here is a post copied from a grammar book on plural endings in Danish


        It's not possibile to open the link on mobile? Or it's just my phone?


        Drengen is the boy, en dreng is a boy drenge is boys (e at the end is like the s at the end in english. E.g drenge is boys, drengene is the boys)


        Pige ends with - e and it is singular "girl"


        I think it would be a nice add to have an option for explanation about the grammatics (a=en/et, brød/brødet, etc.).

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        I could swear that in other sentences the "sp" isn't pronounced like it is in German (i.e. "shp"). What should it be: "s" or "sh" ?


        It is an aveolar S, produced further back in the mouth than a dental S. There are more languages with this alveolar kind of S sound, for instance Standard Castilian Spanish and also Greek - and don't forget the Netherlands (or more precisely: part of that country, not everywhere).


        Why not "the boy"?


        Drenge-boys Drengen- the boy :)


        Shouldn't this be, the boy eats bread?


        That would be drengen, not drenge :)


        i found it wierd is spieser means eat but what about eating?


        I believe it's the same thing I eat<-Jeg spiser->I am eating


        so dreng is "boy" , drengen is "the boy" and drenge is "boys" then how do they say "the boys" ?


        Jeg har ikke eating kun eat


        As regards pronunciation - it seems a short "a" becomes a short "e" and vice versa! That seems a bit perverse, doesn't it? But since I'm English, I admit I don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about bizarre pronunciation! It still interests me, nonetheless.


        Good evening. I have been unable to complete the egg and juice correction because the program will not accept my non-Danish writing of this word egg, though it has accepted it at other times. Please advise.


        You're in the wrong sentence discussion, but you're hitting a snag because the language rule that should allow "ae" to substitute Æ is misfiring and has been for a long time. It's not an easy fix. You can find ways to circumvent it here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/44563818

        And you can make a bug report with a screenshot of the problem here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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