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  5. "I like those green cups."

"I like those green cups."

Translation:Eu gosto daqueles copos verdes.

May 26, 2013



Copos or xicaras?


Most definitely xicaras. The argument about paper or plastic cups may be correct, if so then this material should be specified in the question!


Since when is copos cups? xicaras has always been cups. Even if if copos is sometimes cups, how does that make xicaras wrong???


Perhaps because the person who created the question knows less than you and I!


Let's stick to one definition please. cup=xicara and glass = copo!


Thought copos were glasses


I think I finally got this. It doesn't seem to be explained in the text. de+este=deste (something close to the speaker). de+isso=desso (sth close to the hearer) & de+aquele=daquele (sth distant).

em+aquele=naquele and a + aquele = áquele. So 'de' is 'of this/that/yonder', 'em' is 'in this/that/yonder' and 'a' is 'to this/that/yonder'. Am I right?

By the way, it would be a good idea to allow discussion of a topic area as well as individual sentences.


You're right.... just a small correction: disso and àquele. By the way, the idea of saying something is closer to the speaker or hearer is not frequently used here, just the second one (most of the time) But i think if you go though discussions on your set of lessons you'll find quite a few things on this subject ;)


"Xicara" supposed to be a "cup" and "Copo" supposed to be a "Glass" so why am I incorrect. And thank you very much for your help, I truly appreciate it


Have you made a decision on whether or not a xicara is a copo or not or vice versa both can be used for the same thing? I put xicara and got shot down in flames!!!!?


what is wrong with eu gosto desses copos verdes?


Why not esses? How do I know?


After gosto comes 'de" therefore 'de esses'='desses'

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