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  5. "Pink and dark red."

"Pink and dark red."

Translation:Lyserød og mørkerød.

August 29, 2014



Why is this incorrect? lyserødt og mørkerødt


I think because those are declensions of the words used when in combination with other nouns. To just say the colour on its own you would use the standard form (no t)


The names of the colors are 'lyserød og mørkerød', it's nouns. If you put 't' in the end the words become adjectives (i.e. lyserødt hus, mørkerødt papir).


It's so cool that they call pink "light red". That is what it is after all....


Interestingly, we also use "pink" in Danish, but it usually strictly refers to the more bolder or intense variations of pink as opposed to "lyserød".


I agree, light red and pink is not the same colour.


Pink is a light red, but light red is not necessarily pink. :)


Pink has more blue in it than light red, light red just looks like red when saturated and pink looks like purple when saturated. They are distinct colours.


I've always viewed pink as red mixed with white, and as being a part of the bigger band of what I consider light red (or red). Though I know there are a ton of variations with other colors mixed in giving us pinks bordering on other colors, such as purple, and what have you. Colors are very personal and hard to agree on. :)


Yes, they are. The labels are used for different shades, but it is incontrovertible that pink is light red.


Oh! interesting. : )


is there a good word for pink or is it just pink in danish or not at all


Wondering this too. In norwegian and swedish there's "rosa", but that doesn't seem to appear in danish?


And if you want to say light red in danish

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