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"Mine børn har interessante spørgsmål."

Translation:My children have interesting questions.

August 29, 2014



I know that normally it is CHILDREN that have QUESTIONS, but another right option could also be: children have QUESTION. Conceptually it is possible that children have one common question :)

In Danish: mine børn har interessant spørgsmål.


But the 'e' at the end of 'interessante' indicates plurality in this case. Also if it were only one question, it would sound better to have an article attached to spørgsmål


Not so obvious when you have to choose between "interessant" and "interessante" from the drop list :/


oh, you're right! Yes, it is my mistake, I'll leave my comment up here so others would see what kind of mistake one can easily make. Thanks anyway :)


But wouldn't that be: my children have AN interesting question?

Mine børn har EN interessant spørgsmål


What I find interesting is how interessante is spelled (spelt?) the same way as the portuguese word interessante (interesting, singular)

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