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  5. "Han leger med hundene."

"Han leger med hundene."

Translation:He plays with the dogs.

August 29, 2014



What's the difference between 'leger' and 'spiller?'


Leger is generally an unorganized, unstructured, spontaneous game (such as kids might play in the yard) while spiller is the opposite: structured, planned, with rules (such as a board game, a video game, etc).

The same goes for the equivalent nouns en leg and et spil which both translate to a game. Notice that these are used in strict pairs to describe doing the activity:

  • Vi leger en leg, but
  • Vi spiller et spil, both of which mean we play a game.


So in the Saw movie franchise the puppet says something like, " Hej, jeg vil spille et spil!"? (I know the question sounds quite stupid, but i swear I'm not joking!)


The audio is not clear.


I agree--the audio is not clear. I hear an indefinite article before hund!


I have a hard time hearing the difference between singular and plural, I thought it was just singular 'dog'. Does anyone have suggestions on how to learn to tell the difference?


I wrote "He reads with the dogs" ... Because of Italian "leggere" :(


Yes, I started to write "He reads with ....", but when I saw "dogs" I knew it wasn't right and then I remembered that Legos are based out of Denmark and come from the word "to play" or "leger". Although in many Duolingo courses, even animals read.


LOL the cons of being a polyglot


In this example, the pronunciation of "med" sounds just like "mad" (food). Is there a difference in how it's pronounced, or you only know which word it is by the context of the sentence? Tak!


No no, don't you try and cheat!

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