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  5. "I am a woman."

"I am a woman."

Translation:Is bean mé.

August 29, 2014



This sentence structure is realy tricky


What is the difference in bean and bhean?


They both mean woman but when bean turns into bhean when it is followed by the article "an" : An bhean, Is bean me.


The 'Is' or 'An' is it follows or precede? Very new at this.km


Still trying to understand when to use bhean instead of bean.


The Irish for "woman" is bean. It is only lenited (changed to bhean) if there is something that causes lenition. For nouns like bean, the main causes of lenition are the singular definite article an, which lenites feminine nouns, and the possessive adjectives mo, do and a (his), and certain prepositions, which lenite both masculine and feminine nouns. (There are a few other things that cause leniton of nouns, but these are the ones you'll encounter in this course).

As none of of these causes of lenition exist in this sentence, bean is not lenited.


[deactivated user]

    Táim bean. ?


    Whis is the differnce between "bean" and "bhean"?


    In many courses you hear the words as well - in this Irish course this is rarely used. I think it would getting into the language much wasier to have think feature done here as well.


    Most of the courses use a computerized text-to-speech engine to read the text. The Irish course could not do that because there was no TTS engine available in Irish, so the Irish course relies on recordings of full sentences.


    Thank you for the answer - as soon as I am fluent ... :-)


    O.k., that was definitely too ambitious.


    Smartphones... "easier" and "this feature", sorry


    I'd be lost without the edit button to make corrections to my comments!


    does anyone know why "tá mé bean" is incorrect?


    because and is don't mean the same thing. Is is for saying something exists as a thing ("I am a woman"), while is for saying that something has the quality of some adjective ("I am tall"), or currently doing something ("I am walking").

    If you know Spanish, think of the difference between ser and estar.


    This seems to break the normal rule for sentence order "predicate - subject - object (PSO)". Is this so, and if so, why?


    Copular statements don’t follow the same pattern; they can be either predicate - complement - subject or predicate - subject - complement, depending upon the particular type of statement.


    shouldn't bean be aspirated to bhean because of the is?


    No. The copula does not cause lenition. ("aspiration" is not the correct term).


    for one of them i put down "bean" it said it was "bhean" so then I put down "bhean" and now it says it is "bean". what is this!!!!


    I am not at all good at Irish and I tried to set up the sentence as you might see in Spanish but it didn't work (also I am utterly horrible at this and didn't know the definition of one of these words even though they are basic, my bad).

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