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Anyone else having trouble with the mic?

I just got to a part where I was supposed to speak into the mic, but it didn't catch anything I was saying except "jeg"...that's the only thing that would show up. I tried numerous times, and tried to make sure I was speaking loud enough...and slow enough...but still didn't record me. Sometimes it would stop recording even before I could even say the second word. I was just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? Ha, or is my Danish pronunciation just really that bad?? LOL. >.

August 29, 2014



Are you serious? I thought we didn't have the speaking exercises at all! I shall have to investigate :)


Yeah I didn't encounter it until skill "Present 1." I ended up clicking "I don't want to use microphone" because every time I tried, it only picked up "jeg"....sometimes if I was lucky it might pick up a second word as well.


There were about 3 speaking exercises, right in that skill you mentioned, and it took me about 30 tries to get the first and the last word recognized (the minimum to pass the exercise). It would be nice if there were exercises like those, but if the problem is in the voice recognition (not in our lame pronunciation), I would rather keep it that way. Trying to imitate the TTS in my head is enough fun for me!

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