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  5. "You have the menu."

"You have the menu."

Translation:Tá an biachlár agat.

August 29, 2014



Hello fellow Irish learners! I'm a bit confused about the translation for this sentence.

In the "Tips and Notes" for this section, Irish sentence structure is described as being "Verb-subject-object."

Why then is the Irish translation of this sentence given as subject (Ta), object (an biachlar), agat (verb)? Or perhaps I'm misidentifying the sentence parts?


is the verb (is) and the prepositional pronoun agat (at you) is the subject.

Literally: Is menu at you.


Thank you for this. With Spanish, it was infinitely helpful for me to know that in Spanish it is "the bus yellow" or "It is pleasing to me," Now I know that for irish


This is a bug; this sentence shouldn't be showing up until "Basics 2" when agat is explained properly. Agat is not a verb, it is a combination of a preposition and a pronoun (at + you). The verb in this sentence is . Don't worry about this too much until Basics 2!


Thank you, all your comments clarify this for me. I'll put "agat" on the shelf until I get to Basics 2. It's interesting that in Irish there's no verb for "to have" - this seems so unusual compared to Romance and Germanic languages.


Russian and Arabic work similarly :)


In Hungarian it is the same, we don't have "to have". We say it similar as the Irishmen do :)


Finnish (distantly related to Hungarian, close to Estonian and other Finno-Ugric languages), also has a strange construction for have -- it's almost like a permutation of being. To be, to become, and to have often have quirky constructions in languages -- it might be because the ideas they represent go back to prehistory and carry a lot of linguistic baggage.


Thank you so much for explaining this!


I had similar thoughts till I read the comments here. If I'm understanding correctly, the V-S-O structure works because "the menu" is actually the subject, not "you".


You are correct.

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