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  5. "Is lachan iad."

"Is lachan iad."

Translation:They are ducks.

August 29, 2014



Why is the correct answer not "Is lachain iad.", when the translation of 'We are turtles' is given in the lesson as "Is turtair muid"? Just wondering...


The syntax is correct. The way Duo spells lachain is flawed. See the comments at the top of this page.


Out of interest, how many bird species are translated into Irish?


There's a long list here with a more detailed list with alternatives names here.


Sorry if it's a dumb question, but why can't you say "ta lachan siad" as an alternative?


It's explained here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ga/Basics-1

Basically, if the concept you're getting across is "noun is noun", where two things are being equated, then you want to use "is..." If you're describing, like "noun is adjective" or if the Irish would say "to have" (well, "to be at one") instead of "to be" in English, or if it can be rendered in English as "there is/are..." then you want to use "ta..."


So you have to use a copula... thanks for the help!

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