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"The plates are too big."

Translation:Los platos son demasiado grandes.

5 years ago



"Muy grande" means very big. According to this, it also means TOO big. How then do you differentiate? They're not the same thing.

5 years ago

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Unfortunately the Spanish means both and yes they are different in English. Probably context of the over all conversion would tell us which is likely meant. If you are providing the Spanish then "demasiado" might unambiguously be used to mean "too"(as in too much). I guess if it is super critical you could say something like, "Los platos son muy grandes pero no son demasiado grandes"(guessing at the correct Spanish here) = "The plates are very big but not too big"

5 years ago


I said demasiado here and it was accepted.

5 years ago


Very useful reply, thanks - have a lingot (although I'm not sure that you would need it!)

1 year ago


I spent 5 years studying Spanish in school (can't say I learnt a hell of a lot) but I never used "muy" to mean "too", I always used demasiado

5 years ago


Doesn't "demás" work?

5 years ago


I translated as "Los platos son bastante grandes." Which I believe is also correct.

4 years ago


Bastante grande means big enough

3 years ago


"Los platos son tan grandes" should be accepted, no?

2 years ago