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  5. "Vand og brød."

"Vand og brød."

Translation:Water and bread.

August 29, 2014



I am having trouble pronouncing brød. Can anyone explain phonetically?


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close-mid_front_rounded_vowel This is the vowel that ø represents. It doesn't appear in standard English. I would say the closest approximant is the "oo" sound in "book".


Same here. Am I hearing an 'L' sound in brød/brødet? Does that come from the 'ø' or is that the 'soft d' I keep hearing about?


You'll have the same with "med", but no, there's no "l" in "med".


I am having trouble too. I can't understand how I am hearing something like "paul" with a "L" in brød


It's just the soft "d" in brød. To make just say "brø" and when you come to the "d" just stick out your tongue while still saying the word :D


It sounds like brlugh which is basically letter vomit, but I can't seem to pass this question.


Just say bread with a rolling r and replace "ea" with u. "brrrud"


How do you distinguish brød vs. brødet in terms of pronunciation? They sound the same to me in these exercises.


For me, i think of brød as 'brolt' and brødet as 'bro-ld' that helps me differentiate between the sounds. :)


I wonder why so many letters are not pronounced in the Danish language...


I find it interesting that (in the android app at least) they never clarified that the d in words like brød and vanden is actually pronounced more like a soft gutteral L than anything resembling a d :o I was mystified so researched further, and apparently it's up there with the most difficult letters to pronounce in Danish!! Yet it's introduced (with no explanation at all) from the very first lesson!!! I'm loving the course so far, but really wanted to point that out. I wonder if I'm the only person who struggled with that for a while! :)


The classic Duolingo pair...


A delicacy among wannabe polyglots


Is it just me or does brød sound kind of like "boiled"?


Am I right in saying that brod is "bread" and brodet is "the bread"???


Please help me in pronouncing bread in danish, can't understand the letter which is present in. Between br and d. Thankyou.


Hi there. I don't know when you wrote your comment, but I got caught on that too. Look on YT for videos about 'danish soft D' it's not a sound that exists in English so you have to learn to make it!! In my head, brød comes out like 'brolt' and brødet 'bro-ld' that helps me remember the correct pronunciation. But yeah it's not a sound in English so go on YT and watch Danish people explain the sound for you, it really helps!! :)


The closest I've been able to get is 'bwuld' but I know I'm not getting it right. I can't slow it down enough to hear how to pronounce it.


For this one, I have much more difficulty telling brød from brødet in the slow reading. It's strangely easier to tell in the faster reading. It really is hard for a novice to tell those words apart, and this sentence doesn't give you the other cues you might use.


I cant relate to anyone saying brød sounds like something because my first language isnt English


I typed Vand og brod. I guess the letter o must hv the line crossed thru it


It really sounds like 'brro'


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