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"The apples"

Translation:Le mele

3 years ago



whats the difference between le,la,il,i,gli?

3 years ago


Le -> feminine plural (le gatte - the cats) La -> feminine singular (la gatta - the cat) Il -> masculine sin. (il gatto - the cat) I -> mas. plur. (i gatti - the cats) Gli -> mas plur when the noun begins with a vowel (gli insetti)

3 years ago


I don't know if this may help but Gli is when its plural like .... Example; (Gli insetti )is PLURAL so it is (the insectS) if its not (gli insetti )and It is le insetti (I think) then its the insect it is SINGULAR

3 years ago


For masculin we use il and the plural is i Example: il ponte(Maschile Singolare) i ponti (Maschile Plurale)

For Femminile we use La and the plural is Le Example: La casa (Femminile Singulare) Le case( Femminile Plurale)

Maschile which starts with o,h,a,u and st,z,ps,y Singulare : l'amico Plural: gli amici

Singulare: L'hotel Plural:gli hotel

Lo picologo gli picologi

1 year ago

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Thanks! What about maschile plurals starting with e and i?

11 months ago


Is apple a femminile???

1 year ago


I translated "the apples" as "i pomi" and it's incorrect. What's the difference between "la mele" and "il pomo"?

1 year ago


The page is bigger than my screen! Therefore I can never see your correction of the plural article of 'mele'!

6 months ago