"Det er et bekvemt jakkesæt."

Translation:It is a convenient suit.

August 29, 2014

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A suit wouldn't be 'convenient'. Comfortable, versatile, practical, hard-wearing, everyday...


"Casual" as well, I think.


What does "convenient suit" mean? Is it a comfortable suit?


Bekvemt can mean both 'comfortable' and 'convenient'. I'm not sure what attributes would make a suit convenient, so the former is probably a more reasonable translation in this case. A much more common way of saying 'comfortable' is behagelig though.


Perhaps it's convenient because you can wear it at many different types of functions? The best word for that is probably versatile, but I can see convenient working too.


This sounds more like "practical", to me.


Yes but on the other hand, both "bekvemt" and "praktisk" mean convenient. When I see "praktisk", I just think it means practical too. I might be wrong because I'm not a native speaker of Danish. Perhaps someone will come along to correct me now...


The word sounds just like the German 'bequem' which generally translates as comfortable.


Aw, I tried "comfortable" and got it wrong. I just guessed without checking the word hints because "bekvemt" sounds like the German and Swedish words for comfortable.


I just answered 'comfortable suit', and it was accepted.


I suppose a 'convenient' suit is one you have easy access to even if it doesn't fit well? I'd love to wear a tuxedo this weekend but my dad's grey suit is convenient.


Yes. It has a built-in radio, which conveniently comes with free headphones AND earplugs. There is also a GPS sewn into the right pocket, as well as a wristwatch built into the sleeve. On the inside there are quite a few secret pockets, and one contains a new iPhone X-- for free! It's fireproof, rainproof, bulletproof, VERY comfortable, and classy.


In Swedish we also use bekvämt(different spelling same word) for both convenient and comfortable, but the meaning is different depending on the situation. In this case I would translate bekvemt as comfortable. A suit cannot be convenient.


Is this a sentence that would ever be used in real life? (Not being sarcastic) I see that comfortable is also listed as a translation, but it isn't when you hover the cursor over the word "bekvemt". . .


I thought that bekvem could mean, along with confortable, affordable, at a medium price. Am I wrong?


I wouldnt use bekvemt like this


Seriously for crying out loud now how can a suite be convenient!


It just is a very poor translation! As in many other places!

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