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"Zijn de ouders in het hotel aan het slapen?"

Translation:Are the parents sleeping in the hotel?

August 29, 2014



Does this also translate as "Are the parents (who are) in the hotel sleeping?"


And yet "Are the parents in the hotel sleeping?" can have a different meaning to "Are the parents sleeping in the hotel?". The former questions if they are sleeping there now, whereas the later could be asking the same or it could be asking if that's where they are sleeping when they do sleep.


In Dutch it can have both meanings, which one is meant will usually be clear from context, but can be emphasised by intonation or a pause either before or after in het hotel.


Is the word order important? Would "Zijn de ouders aan het slaapen in het hotel" mean the same thing?


That order is also correct, but it is less common I think and I would say it is less 'nice'.

In general people will understand you if your word order isn't completely correct. So if you're a beginner you'll get away with some mistakes. But it starts being annoying if you're more advanced. You can compare it to saying We go tomorrow to the hotel in English. It's not the end of the world, but it's better to try to get it right. :)


Is "at the hotel" an acceptable translation"?


Does this also translate to: "Are the parents sleeping at the hotel?" or no?

I ask because of the sentence: "Zij is in de grote gevangevis aan het werken" translating as "at"


Well, I translated it to "... at the hotel?" and it was wrong. So they sleep "in" the hotel.


Would "Are the parents in the hotel asleep" be correct?


Should "are the parents asleep in the hotel" not be accepted?


I know there are examples where this could be used, but it seems to be a strange sentence in US English.


Is there anything wrong with: Are the parents asleep in the hotel?

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