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Small Irish bugs

(Don't know if this would be better in the Irish forum) There are a few bugs I've noticed in Irish:

1 My plurals skill icon looked like this earlier


However, when I went into it to strengthen it individually, it looked golden, like this Imgur

2 I went and strengthened it individually, and having done so, it displayed this, Imgur despite not having been given any clothing questions (I was only trying to strengthen plurals).

Hope this can be fixed! :)

August 29, 2014



I didn't get any words from clothing, though: that's what confused me. Thanks for the link, though :)


Me to! Because i am taking all of the languages and i do not really want to run into any bugs cause i have very little time some days if i get on late and i try to do a lesson on all of the languages and i have no time for bugs hope the moderators get it to the stable level soon. : ) : ) : D yours truly, Monsterhighgirl3

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