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  5. "Han ændrer ikke på avisen."

"Han ændrer ikke avisen."

Translation:He is not altering the newspaper.

August 29, 2014



What is doing in this sentence?


It's just a subtle change in the meaning, leaning more towards modify or revise than change, perhaps.

  • You can ændre something, someone, or yourself (change).
  • You can only ændre på something (modify, revise).
  • You can also ændre ved something, which has the sound of do something/anything/nothing about: Det kan der ikke ændres ved means nothing can be done about that.

Danish likes to form phrasal verbs using tiny words that modify the meaning ever so slightly :)


clearly we need a section on these phrasal verbs or idioms or whatever they are


Yes I was familiar with ændre but not so much with ændre på. Sometimes I think you throw in extra words just to emphasize things.


Could this perhaps be reflected in the mouseover popup of på? I couldn't figure out the sentence so I tried that, but it gave me the "standard" list of English prepositions.


Hm, when I hover over either "på" or "ændrer" it shows "altering" as a translation of "ændrer ... på". Does that not happen for you?


Unless I am mistaken, it did not. I was on mobile though (the Android app) if it matters.


I use the android app too, and it pops up correctly for me. (Ændrer... på.)


I've seen previously har på. But in this case på stands in the end of sentence. Similar to German. I have nothing against ændre på, i just would say "han ændrer ikke avisen på"


A direct German translation would be "Er ändert nichts an der Zeitung" - so the preposition is in the same place in this case :)


I suspect that in one case "på" is a preposition (with "ændre"), in the other one it is a verb particle, hence its different position in the sentence. Just like in German f.i. "an" can be both.


what about the newspaper is he not changing? His subscription?


He's the editor, and he's decided it's the final version, so he's not changing it. Or maybe he's the brand new owner of the company behind the newspaper and people are dreading that he will change the design of the newspaper.


so alter or revise would be a good translation.


Better translations, in fact. I shall update immediately :)


Why can't you say, "He isn't changing the newspaper"?


You can say this it's just not specific without further context if we are talking about revising the text in an article, or altering the style of the paper, or modifying the method of publication or whatever...


It should be accepted now, too :)


Why do words I have never encountered before appear on the strengthening tasks?


He changes nothing on the newspaper should be accepti


I said "He doesn't change newspapers," which makes more sense in English. Why isn't it an acceptable alternative?


You changed the noun from definite singular to indefinite plural. An alternative translation isn't going to change that drastically.


The sentence makes no sense.


In what situation would one use this phrase? Sounds like "He not altering the rainbow" - true. Or is it just for practicing? I'd like to know how to say that you switch newspapers; is that using "fra"?


No fake news from him.


Nope! Nuh-uh! He is completely satisfied as is, thank you very much!


Why is "to change" wrong but "to alter" ok? You must be ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ kidding me.

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