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  5. "Drikker kvinden øllen?"

"Drikker kvinden øllen?"

Translation:Does the woman drink the beer?

August 29, 2014



I'm getting better at hearing the different endings, but I really only heard kvinde here - even on the slow speed. Any tips?


Try listening for the drawn out sound at the end, possibly with a glotal stop or nasal sound: [Kvinn'nn].

I apologize for the sloppy state of spoken Danish :)


That's okay. I accept your apology on behalf of the Danish language ;)

I'll keep listening and learning.


I translated it as: "the woman is drinking the beer?" Granted this isn't the most popular way of saying that sentence in English, but given a certain context it would be completely correct (i.e. repeating back to someone what they just told you in surprise...)

Anyway it was incorrect :(


But in that context the Danish sentence would be "Kvinden drikke øllen?"


For the answer, I typed, "Does the woman drink the beer?" I was marked incorrect, and the correct answer was listed as "Does the woman drink the beer?" Umm... isn't that what I wrote? Grr...


Is there a difference between the word lady and women? because every one in a while is tells me i am wrong and the correct word is lady.


I meant woman not women


Cant i translate it to 'Did the woman drink the beer?' Wouldn't have guessed it was "Does" how can you tell which one it will be?


"Did" is past tense so the Danish would have to be "Drak kvinden øllen?"


My answer: "Is the woman drinking the beer?" was also accepted. :)


Øllen sounded like bøllen in this case XD

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