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"La risposta fortunatamente è sì."

Translation:The answer fortunately is yes.

August 29, 2014



If we had the luxury of punctuation this would be: The answer - fortunately - is yes.

As we haven't, I think the preferred order should be: Fortunately the answer is yes.

This obviously isn't a big issue - just thought I would share it as word order is quite a subtle thing, and is clearly treated very different in English and Italian. Is their agreement on this?


As of Aug 2016 "The answer, fortunately, is yes" is accepted, commas and all.


Excellent! That is good news!


It's of importance mainly because, in English, "fortunately" is (usually) a sentence adverb. The added punctuation is needed because it's not in its natural place. Note, however, that a comma is often used even when it's at the beginning of the sentence: "Fortunately, the answer is yes."

Of course, it's mostly moot because DL's parser ignores punctuation.


I put "the reply" and was marked wrong


Yes. And in other cases, Duolingo seems fine with "la risposta" as "reply".


I translated "fortunatamente" as "thankfully," which I think is a correct option. But Duolingo marked it wrong and suggested "thanksfully," which is not an English word that I'm familiar with.


...Nor anyone else!


Nope, never heard of "thanksfully"!!


don't see why "reply" not a good alternative..


I also put "the reply" and it was rejected. I reported it, but did not get the usual acknowledgement; so not sure whether it will go through. As for "thanksfully", the word does not exist in the English language; ought to be "thankfully". Duo is having a laugh!


the standard of Duolingo seems to have really plummeted - surely after being notified of an non-existent word, they could have removed after 2 years?


i put 'reply' rather than 'answer', which after all was one of the options given in the drop down list! So why is it wrong?


So did I, seems the suggested answers bear no relation to the DL answer.


What's wrong with 'The reply'


"Repy" is given as a suggested answer, then marked incorrect. Reported.


Duo is supposed to be a free language platform. What do you mean by "charging"? Hope that you are not being charged. However, I have noticed that I have recently started getting annoying ads popping up when I am on Duo, both when using my lap top or using the Duo App on my phone. The justification is that it helps keep the learning free. This is very annoying, Duo!


by charging - I mean they suggest you give them extra money to keep up your streak or to allow you to practice if you have run out of health or for anything else that they can think of to get money out of you while still claiming the basic learning is free


Moley, I've been using Duo for several years, accessing it on my laptop, and I have never seen pop up ads of any sort.


Germanlehrerlsu - Ads started popping up on my laptop in last month or so, though I have been using it for a year and never encountered ads previously. I had been singing the praises of Duo to family and friends, adding that it was an enjoyable and useful free service. I was wondering whether Duo was aware of those ads at all and whether they originated from Google or the Duo App trying to jump on the bandwagon and make money. I wonder how I can get rid of them. ocf781 - Yes I also encountered that recently when practising Duo on my phone using the Duo App. I simply closed the App and continued my lesson on my laptop. Not sure why it thought I had run out of health when I had over 2000 Lingots at the time.


Moley, I don't have a phone that can support app -- just an old razor flip phone, so I can't help you there. As for the lap top ads, I'd suggest trying to contact Duo directly to inquire.


Thank you for your reply Germanlehrerlsu.


DL should not include suggested translations in their drop down boxes if they then don't accept them in your answers! I wrote 'the answer' and was told the correct solution was 'the response'. What is the difference?


Duolingo, please accept reply, it is the same thing.,


Reply got marked wrong even though it was a sggested word.


i answered...Her answer fortunately is yes...Why was i marked wrong?


There needs to be a sua in front of the risposta. As it is written, it is simply the answer not her answer.

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