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"Eu não desenho desde minha infância."

Translation:I have not drawn since my childhood.

May 26, 2013



I am curious. In English, we would not use this tense. We would say I have not drawn since my childhood. Would is be incorrect or odd to say Eu nao tinha desenhado desde minha infancia


Yeah, thats right too, but then we say "eu não TENHO...". I think it happened cause in Portuguese we usually use simple present to express the present perfect in English


I used design but it was not accepted. Should it ?


It could be used.


Would ...infancy be correct? Seems closer to infância?


Is this really right in english? Shouldn't it be I did not draw since my childhood?


No. The adverb "since" used with the "present perfect" tense describes an activity/a situation that started in the past and continues to the time of speaking.

I have not (haven't) drawn since my childhood.


Why is "desenho" (present) used in PT for this sentence? Wouldn't something like "tem desenhado" be more appropriate?


While the "present perfect" tense is used to describe an ongoing situation from the past until now, BrP focuses on the present in this sentence.

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