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Suggested improvements for the "Your translations" panel

For those of us who do a lot of translating, it would be very helpful to have some indication on the "Your translations" panel of the proportion of the document that we have translated, and whether we have completed translating it.

It would also be very very helpful in general to have some way of sorting and searching documents for translation. I have, for example, spent way too much time scrolling through unordered lists looking for the various parts of multipart articles!

August 29, 2012



Yes! This is something we really need. I for one would also like to see a "Saved Articles" folder for interesting articles I don't have time to translate at the moment, or want to bookmark for later.

Then again, that might be the point, I find that I stumble across a great deal of interesting articles while searching for that elusive Part 1.


I find interesting articles to translate by looking at those being translated by people I am following. This workaround is okay, but what you're suggesting sounds much better.


Yes, I think we probably all do something like that, if we do much translating. I see what the people I'm following are translating, and if I see something interesting, I translate the title or perhaps an easy sentence in order to "save" it in my list. But this isn't very efficient, and it is still difficult to keep track of what you're doing if articles are stored in your list simply in the reverse order that you translated any single sentence in them. And I say again, it would be very useful to have some sort of indicator in the "Your translations" list that let you know how much of an article you had already translated, or if you had finished. (Keeping in mind that articles you have translated completely still show up in your list with everything else.)


Sort capability would be so great and links on the pages of multi-page articles to the other pages.


I agree also with pjreads that links for multipart articles would be very helpful.


I would really appreciate a sort capability, a "Saved Articles" folder and an indication of how much of the document I have translated.


This is an old post but suggests some great ideas.

Please consider sorting the New Articles tab by reverse order of percentage translated (so that untranslated articles show up first). This might require the additional capability of hiding articles you don´t want to see at the top.

I would also like to see bookmarking capability added, so that articles that I mark go to the top until I remove the bookmark.

But especially, I would like to see search capability added. This would be a super way to get more familiar with idiomatic expressions, proverbs and other common phrases, as well as the variability of meaning according to context.

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