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"Zij is jaloers op mij, omdat ik een kroket heb."

Translation:She is jealous of me because I have a croquette.

August 29, 2014



Luckily it's easy to solve that jealousy, just 'throw a euro in the wall' (1,50 in the image) and get your kroket:


It's...it's....revolutionary :')


This is interestingggg


Beat in mind, a Dutch kroket is different from a french croquette. Different contents. Again, mystery meat.


As my vegetarian son discovered to his horror!!


As a Germanic grammar nazi I'll have to ask, shouldn't this be envious rather than jealous?


What's grammatical about semantics, what's unusual about "jealous", what's Germanic about "envious"? ... and why? what? ...I can't even...


Just a failed attempt at humor. "Germanic" as in taking everything too literally. The misuse of "grammar nazi" in that context was intentional.

My question stands, though. I was under the impression that desiring other people's possession counts as envy, while jealousy is more reserved for human relationships.


Oh, okay. I thought you meant [[Germanic grammar] nazi], mainly because English is also Germanic.

I'm not sure about the difference between "jealous" and "envious". I thought the latter were just more formal.


In definition, envy is wanting something you don't have, and being jealous is resentment that what you have will be replaced by someone else. For example, if you are #1 in your field, and a new guy is improving rapidly, you could say you are jealous of his skills.


Thank you, I didn't know that.


What drugs do the moderators use? I am getting sincerely worried about their mental state. Who makes those sentences? Had a good laugh, though.

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