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"He received me with a big smile."

Translation:Mi ha ricevuto con un sorriso grande.

May 26, 2013



Is "ricevere" an irregular verb? I thought it should be "riceveva".


They just want you to use passato prossimo here.


I wrote mi ha ricevuta con un grande sorriso, assuming that the mi is feminine but was marked wrong. Couldn't my sentence also be right?


Nope, since ricevuto takes avere it doesn't change to match the subject, and in any case the subject, "he", is masculine. If it was saying that "he received her" you could say l'ha ricevuta since the ending would have to change to clarify whether the l' was representing a him or a her.


Actually "the past participle may agree with the direct object pronouns mi, ti, ci, and vi when these precede the verb, but the agreement is not mandatory." Ho comprato il sale e il pepe. (I bought the salt and pepper.) Li ho comprati. (I bought them.) Ci hanno visto/visti. (They saw us.) (see http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare127a.htm)

Therefore, if the object pronoun "mi" refers to a female, then "mi ha ricevuta" is correct.


This doesn't sound natural in English. Does this mean received as in embraced?

[deactivated user]

    Nope. And it's quite natural in English. "Received" in this case means "met/greeted".
    Ex 1: After a wedding, the line where the Bride & Groom meet & greet the guests is called the "Receiving Line".
    Ex 2: "The Chairman of the local Rotary Chapter received the guest of honour"


    This cannot be translated in this way.


    There quite many fault on level 3 in feelings. Alternative answers are not accepted


    The translation in Italian is totally wrong!


    Isnt this supposed to read in English "He had recieved me" when you use "ha ricevuto"?


    Why is "lui" mi ha recivuto..... wrong?


    Mi ha ricevuto con un grande sorriso should also be accepted

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