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Latin American Spanish

Is there a Latin American Spanish course in the works for English speakers? I'm contemplating a trip to Peru in about a year, and would love to accumulate whatever I can by way of language. (I imagine Quechua is out of the question. ;-)

August 29, 2014



The existing Spanish course teaches Latin American Spanish.


What dilez said. Also: I strongly recommend using Destinos as well: http://learner.org/series/destinos/


Thank you - that looks promising. Is there anything along those lines that you'd recommend for German?


Destinos is great. She travels through different Spanish speaking countries so that you naturally get exposed to several different accents. Quite clever! :) As to German: I guess there's probably something out there but as I don't study it I don't know of any particular site to recommend. [But if you're interested in Dutch, Lenkvist gave me a few very good suggestions, yesterday :) ]


Thanks. I will try out Destinos. The last time I was in Mexico, I had a devil of a time with my Spanish-of-Spain phrasebook and would like to do better this time.

Dutch is a little beyond my horizon at the moment, but I'll keep that in mind. How did you manage to learn so many languages?


Thanks - that's good to know.

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