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  5. "Præsenterer du mig?"

"Præsenterer du mig?"

Translation:Will you present me?

August 29, 2014



This really means to present and not to introduce?


Literally yes, but both should probably be accepted, since the context is not known here. I will fix immediately!

Edit: Actually they seem to both be accepted already.


It's not that I had tried introduce and was rejected, but I was just wondering, since it wasn't mentioned on the hints. Thanks for checking!


This is the second time I see the translation using the future simple. Why is rhat when this lesson is called present?


There is no future tense, we can express future by present tense.


Actually, there is a future tense. This is a little simpler since it will happen so close to the present. They're just trying to show us that it can be used that way.


An English person would not say 'will you present me?' even if this is technically what a Danish person is saying, such a direct translation would not be very good English. It ought to be translated as: will you introduce me?

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Its not wrong, if you are a debutante, being presented to society.


"Are you presenting me?" is not right?


That is how I interpreted it as well.


How do we know when "will" will appear?


some of the options offered by Duolingo are unidiomatic at best. :(


Mentioned by so many others, but the default translation, with no context, should be 'Will you introduce me.?' The other translation is completely unidiomatic English and therefore not helpful to people learning Danish who are not mother tongue speakers of English.


Agreed. Or Are you going to introduce me? (What are you waiting for?! Are you ashamed of me? Oh I know it was a mistake to come here, etc.)


The pronunciation of "præsenterer" is wrong. The stress is shall not be on the first part of the word but on the second last: præsen'terer


Why is "Could you introduce me?" not accepted?


Nope - it should be introduce not "present"


How do you know if this means "are you going to present me?" or "will you present me?"


Why can't I have "Are you going to present me?"


If Rækker du mig osten? means Would/Could you hand me the cheese? (both are accepted), Would you present me? ought to work for Præsenterer du mig?. It doesn't.


How the word will can be in the present tense? Can someone explain? OR How I can know that I need to use the word will??? Where in the danish sentence is WILL?


I suppose Danish is like English in that respect.

If English is your native language, I'm sure you'd accept "Dance with me?" as meaning "Will you dance with me?"


If you do not know how to explain- keep your opinion to yourself! Your answer did not helped!

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