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  5. "At least we have food."

"At least we have food."

Translation:Ar a laghad tá bia againn.

August 29, 2014



Is it OK to have "ar a laghad" there, before the verb?


Yes, it can go either at the begining, to give "Ar a laghad tá bia againn", or at the end, to give "tá bia againn ar a laghad".

Likewise in English both of "At least we have food" and "we have food at least" make sense.

If you're asking about "is it ok to have something before the verb in the sentence?", then the answer is still yes. You can have adverbs before the sentence, such as "ar a ladhad/ ar dtús/ etc., téim ..." or mentions of time "gach lá/ gach seachtain/ etc. , téim ...".


How do you pronounce laghad? Guessing something like "lie-yd"


More like 'lie-ud' with a schwa on the second syllable.

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