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"Do you have my jacket and my skirt?"

Translation:Har I min jakke og min nederdel?

August 29, 2014


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I am now officially angry about the words shirt and skirt being so alike!

May 30, 2018


well because there is an actual another synonym to skirt in danish : "skørt" and "nederdel" are the same they don't want to confuse us :) cuz "skørt" and "skjørte" sound almost the same check it for yourself in google translate so you could hear it


I think she meant it in English, I also read it as shirt.


Is the possessive pronoun required before every item in a list like this?

e.g., They took my watch, laptop, and wallet. vs. They took my watch, my laptop, and my wallet?


No. "Har I min jakke og nederdel" is also a valid Danish sentence, though it shouldn't be accepted here.


Again, why "i" and not "du"?


    Both are accepted. "I" is the plural form of "you" (think southern USA "y'all"), and "du" is the singular form of you


    Should du be accepted here then? I'm not sure how we can tell a plural is needed otherwise.


    Yes, "du" should be accepted. Usually, the context will give a clue about the number people involved (du = 1 person , I > 1 person). When there is no context available, such as in this kind of exercise, you are free to choose. Note that many languages are quirky to this respect: to address one person there is a separate pronoun, but for groups of 3, 10, 1009, or whatever number, the urgency to distinguish is absent. Several languages, though, have words to refer to two people, e.g. "Jeg gerne, men vi er begge stadig forholdsvis unge (22 og 23)". Equivalents of "begge" in English, German, Dutch, and Italian are "both", "beide", "beide/beiden", "entrambi".


    Does 'I' always have to be written as a capital letter?


    The pronoun "I" (you) is always upper case. The preposition "i" (in) is lower case.


    The answer in the game is wrong. It says I have a typo when I type "Har I min jakke og min nederdel". It wants you to type "Har I min jakke og nederdel". Someone should fix


    Why do we suddenly learn a new word here- mit skort.


    "skørt" and "nederdel" are the same they don't want to confuse us :)


    What is the difference between en frakke and en jakke?


    Frakke means coat, jakke means jacket.


    Then what's the difference between a jacket and a coat?


    har du ???not correct???

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