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  5. "Hun er glad."

"Hun er glad."

Translation:She is happy.

August 29, 2014



er and en are so confusing!!


er is for am/is/are and en/et is for a/an


Thanks folks, very reassured that I'm not the only one who was dismayed to realize that "glad" means "glad" and is spelled "glad" and yet is pronounced "glel" LOL!!! I'm getting better at shifting from the palatalized "L" to the tongue-on-the-lower-teeth "L", but as I try to repeat this phrase, I'm having a hard time shifting from one to the other within the same word. Am I right to think that in "glad" (or "glel" laugh) the first "L" sound is tongue-tip-on-top-teeth/palate, and the second "L" sounds is tongue-tip-on-bottom teeth?


Soft D(which sounds almost like L) can also be said by putting tongue between top and bottom teeth. With the bottom teeth method I also put middle of the tongue at top of mouth, these seem to have best results so far.

Soft D mostly happens in place of d but also sometimes it's from t. Maybe others as well dunno.

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