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"The girl asks him if he is playing with the cat."

Translation:Pigen spørger ham om han leger med katten.

August 29, 2014



Would it make sense to write hvis han leger med katten? I am not sure of the distinction between om and hvis.


Om expresses uncertainy.
Hvis expresses conditionality.

Pigen spørger ham om han leger med katten. - the girl is uncertain whether or not the boy plays with the cat.

Pigen leger hvis drengen leger (The girl plays if the boy plays) - The girl will play if (and only if) the boy is playing. Therefore her playing is conditional on the boy playing.


As far as I've been researching: Om is used when just wondering (Interrogation, ie "whether",) and Hvis needs a conditional situation.


Why can't he spiller with katten? :)


I thought this was one of those situations where the verb changes place, so I put leger at the end. Is there a section on Tips & Notes where this is explained more fully?


I think the explanation is this: "han leger med katten" is a subordinate clause here. Subordinate clauses do not have inversions in danish.


Du svarer mit spørgsmål! Tak for det.


It still feels completely random when the verb order is switched and when it isn't

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