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"Hij spreekt over zijn carrière."

Translation:He speaks about his career.

August 29, 2014



Why does this use the accent grave here?


"ie" is a diphthong in Dutch which means that it has a standard sound associated with it. The word carrière is French and the accent is maintained because otherwise people might confuse it with the regular "ie".


But isn't that what ë does, e.g "Tweeëntwintig"? To separate sounds? Why not just use a ë I wonder. (Not actually asking just thinking out loud.)


Good question :) Maybe the sound would be a bit shorter, but it's more likely the people who designed the spelling decided that it should follow French.

They can be a bit extreme in that because they also changed "appèl" to "appel" to follow French. So now "appel" can mean "apple" and it can mean "military roll call". A commentator made light of the confusion by praising soldiers for having a morning apple and an evening apple every day.


That's the point: the trema separates the sounds of the diphthong.


It's here just because it's a French word ;)


Does zijn sound a little odd to anyone else here?


yes it sounds like it's being pronounced as the contraction "z'n," although that answer is not accepted.


Is the final E pronounced in carrière?

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