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  5. "Scarann mo thuismitheoirí."

"Scarann mo thuismitheoirí."

Translation:My parents separate.

August 29, 2014



Man only two sentences in and this person has a rough life. Parents separate and the dog hurts them every night?


If this means they're getting a divorce, and not just separating to, say, shop, breis.focloir.ie says that you need a little more. Their examples were (for separated):

d'fhág siad a chéile and scaradar a chéile. So, putting these into present tense, with this sentence, we'd get Fágann mo thuismitheoirí a chéile or Scarann mo thuismitheoirí ó chéile... Really, the ó chéile is needed to make it mean they divorced.


Seems they're not so. Just seperating to go to work or the pub or the gym. Put the lawyers on hold


"Colscaradh" is a more defined term for divorce, or separation. For the Leaving Cert here in Ireland, one of the poems studied is called Colscaradh! It's very good!



"Colscaradh" was my first thought on reading this. A little question I have about the sentence in the exercise is why it's in present tense. Surely, the parents can't be separating every day. Rather, they "are" separating, or will separate?


Most people separate when a Scarann comes around. /farscape


I question whether this is a valid sentence - My parents separate socks would work because it is something you do habitually but my parents separate is an incomplete phrase


While it is normally used in the past tense, "scar" can be used as an intransitive verb.


people are separated or separating - it is not possible to habitually separate.


People separate all the time, John - Scarann daoine an t-am ar fad.

Granted, most couples don't make a habit of it, but it's not a grammatical impossibility (any more than ducks reading the newspaper is grammatically impossible).


Unless you are Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie you can't separate habitually without actually getting back together again. It might be grammatically well formed but it should still make sense. These sentences are supposed to help people they shouldn't be this confusing. & There is no research to prove that ducks don't read newspapers, they just prefer comic books.


Yup. I was wondering what they are separating - egg whites from yolks?

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