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  5. "En mus læser ikke avis."

"En mus læser ikke avis."

Translation:A mouse does not read the newspaper.

August 29, 2014

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Surely it should be "avisen" or "aviser" rather than "avis"? If not please can someone explain why? Thanks!


I hope you did get why it is not avisen i did not :(


"En mus læser ikke avisen" would mean that a mouse does not read a specific newspaper. "En mus læser ikke avis" means that mice don't read newspapers in general.

Hope that helps :-)


It's similar in meaning to how you might say "I don't watch television" in English, except this is about newspapers of course :)


I was also confused at first, but then I realised that my native German does it the same way. It's a bit as if there were a verb "Zeitung lesen" (literal translation: "read newspaper"), analogous to similar English verbs such as take note.

Degeberg's example watch tv is more semantically similar, but has an alternative explanation in the tendency of English to drop definite articles in certain situations.


Avis= newspaper Avisen= the newspaper


In general, yes. But sometimes translations aren't as easy as that. In this case, it is OK to say this in Danish without any article, similar to "watch tv" in English, which also doesn't have an article. But in English you can't just say "read newspaper". The best solution is to use "read the newspaper" because that's what English speakers say in the same situation. The alternative "read a newspaper" would be more logical but is less idiomatic in English. But it is accepted nevertheless.


It should let you to drop the 'the' also, though.


No. Without "the" the English sentence would not be grammatical. Duolingo generally expects grammatical translations, not super-literal translations that ignore the grammar of the target language.


This should be corrected


The "the" in the translation should be removed.


Im danish and its a wrong translation. There shiukdnt have been "the" in tge sentence


The definite article "the" is required in the English sentence. In English, it wouldn't be grammatical without it.


It is wrong translation, why administration does not correct it?? Why confuse people??


The translation is correct. The definite article is required in English, but not in Danish.


Based on previous comments, the best translation in English would be 'the mouse does not read newspapers'. Yes it says avis and not aviser, so not plural, but this would provide the best option in English in terms of meaning...the mouse does not read newspapers in general.

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