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"The pepper"

Translation:De peper

August 29, 2014



Is there a way to tell from the word whether it is masculine or feminine?


And then, why is "het sap"? if sap is masculine, it should be "de sap".


'Sap' is both neuter and masculine. The difference lies behind the meaning of 'sap'. The substance name 'sap' is neuter (het). De is used when a bottle or a can (something like that) filled with juice, is meant.

  • Het appelsap wordt in een groot vat verzameld. (Het sap: Apples are pressed and juice comes out)
  • Mag ik de appelsap? (De sap: Someone asks for the carton of applejuice)


Does this mean pepper as in vegetable or in spice, or both, as in English?


Only the spice (chili pepper, black pepper, etc), bell pepper is paprika in Dutch.

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