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Temas importantes de la gramática inglesa: There be, to get, to be able to, las contracciones...


There be - haber (de existir) there is/are; there was/were; there will be; … To get - conseguir, ponerse, volverse, etc. to get tired, to get sick, to get angry To be able to - ser capaz de, poder I will be able to speak English. Used to / Would - soler I used to smoke a lot when I was younger. To be/get used to - estar acostumbrado a / acostumbrarse a I am not used to flying. To have/get something done - mandar a hacer algo I had my house painted. I want you to do - quiero que tú hagas She doesn't want us to call her. Do or make - hacer Do me a favor. Make some tea. Verbos seguidos por gerundios I enjoy/miss/avoid/detest/… living in New York Verbos seguidos por gerundios o infinitivos They started/like/stopped… running/to run El gerundio - La forma "ing" del verbo to run - running; to go - going; to work - working Contractions She's left (she's = she has). She's here (she's = she is) Agreement - yo también, yo tampoco She likes baseball and I do too - She doesn't like rugby and I don't either

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