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  5. "Um minuto é um instante."

"Um minuto é um instante."

Translation:A minute is an instant.

May 26, 2013



is there any difference between a moment and an instant?


My intuition is that a moment is longer, so they´re not completely interchangeably.


In my perception a minute is indeed longer than an instant, meaning that a moment should be the correct translation here...


This discussion is about a subjective issue. All the suggestions above should be acceptable. For example, I felt that a minute is a moment; another, an instant, etc.


What's the difference between an instant and a second ?


An instant is just a single point in time where as a second is a length of time with a duration of 1 60th of a minute


In the listening "é" is written as solution but the pronunciation was like "e". So the translation would be: A minute and an instant.

[deactivated user]

    ten7ei: Exactly. Besides, nobody can define how long an "instant" is. Minutes and seconds are measured objectively, but not moments and instants. I am giving you and sharkbbb a lingot. Your comments hit the nail on the head - thanks!


    I wrote "A minute is a moment" and that was wrong...


    granted, an instant is a "brief moment"--you'd say, for example, that a car accident happened in an instant, or in a brief moment--but disallowing "moment" seems misguided.


    Whan am I going to say this??? Seriously

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