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Has the voice been improved overnight, or am I just understanding it better?

It seems to be a bit clearer, not sure whether that's just practice or whether there's been some tinkering?!

August 29, 2014



I think you guys are just starting to pick up Danish a lot better :)


I probably just needed a good night's sleep. I can actually tell where some of the words end now!


Yes, personally I just complete one lesson. I just got done with genitives and won't go to the next lesson (pos. pron.) until tomorrow. I picked this up from pimsleur...learn a bit of the language, stop and let it all sink into your brain and let your brain organize it while you sleep, then do another lesson tomorrow. Tomorrow I will do genitive again to jump start my brain, then after that I'll continue on to pos. pron.. Then repeat the process with pos. pron. Usually this method helps as I still remember how everything works in the previous lessons, like it's basic instinct.


That is what I'm doing as well, only I strengthen the three latest skills I've finished before moving on to the next one. That way it might take a lot longer to finish the tree, but I think I learn a lot more from this course than by rushing through all the skills in a short amount of time.


I'm the same. I might be able to pass the levels, but whether I'll remember everything the next day is highly doubtful, so less is definitely more in the long run.


This is exactly how I'm doing it Zinthak, and it seems to be working so far. I'm at the exact same place you are, and though I feel really tempted to go on now I'm going to wait and just strengthen the skills I have for today.

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    I have taken Spanish in my university (currently taking a class also, plus am on level 9 on Duolingo) and I still have to listen to EVERY Spanish sentence slowed down on Duolingo, often repeating it. BUT, with the Danish, I seldom have to slow it down (I do repeat it a few times, especially if it is a long sentence though).


    It's so funny you said this, because I just thought the exact same thing! At first the listening exercises were incoherent to me, but now they sound a lot less like gibberish and I've actually got through a couple of skill strengthening rounds with full hearts! Go us! :D


    This is posted in the Danish forum, so Danish!


    Oh, sorry long day.

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      I noticed it too! I can't tell if it's been improved or I just understand it.


      Most likely you're able to understand it better since you've been hearing the words over and over lesson by lesson. It's kind of like the various Chinese dialects with their tones, need practice and maybe a good ear to discern the difference.


      I definitely feel that I am understanding the voice better. It is very exciting. :D

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