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  5. "Horses are animals."

"Horses are animals."

Translation:Is ainmhithe iad capaill.

August 29, 2014



"Is ainmhithe capaill" should be accepted.


I think that the pronoun is integral part of the Copula: "Is - subject complement - pronoun - logical subj (if needed)" is like a conjungation in Standard Irish.

There's a complete explanation with several examples here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4300985

For a comparison of the Copula between English and most of other languages: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copula_(linguistics)


But the issue with that sentence is the definite noun phrase. IF you use one, you have to have the pronoun; otherwise, you don't. Is ainmhithe capaill is correct.


well they listened 'cuz that's what I put and it was accepted


Are animals, them horses.


(it)'s animals they (are)-(them) horses


So, could you drop the "iad" and just put "capaill"?


In fact, I would say the iad is absolutely non-standard there, and perhaps wrong in all dialects.

  • 1803

I agree, if you read this section in GnaG (I think that it is really the same thing, with plurals instead of singulars), the iad in this sentence seems just plain wrong. It is a classificatory sentence with two indefinite nouns, no iad is needed. In fact, GnaG states that such sentences with an indefinite subject are uncommon, and that a sentence with a definite subject would be preferred in this case, so Is ainmhithe iad na capaill. (just like here). There is no mention of a dialectal variation that would use Is ainmhithe iad capaill.


Why should iad be added to the sentence?


I don't understand why it's not '' Is capaill ainmhithe'' :/


That would mean "Animals are horses". The word order is important. Think back to other examples:

  • Is fear mé I am a man
  • Is fir muid We are men.
  • Is ainmhithe muid We are animals.
  • Is ainmhithe (iad) capaill Horses are animals.


What does iad mean?


iad is the plural of é or í., It's the equivalent of "they" or "them".

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