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  5. "Han laver kylling."

"Han laver kylling."

Translation:He is making chicken.

August 29, 2014



Is this in the sense of preparing chicken, or a Norse god creating chicken?


Preparing chicken. Nice joke. :P


Nice one! Haha. However, if you wanted to say "He created a chicken" it would be "Han skabte en kylling", which instead of "laver" makes it completely clear that you are referring to the creation of something.


Would be hilarious if it was creating chicken, but I'm pretty sure it's that he's preparing chicken ;-)


us americans are wild my dude


It couldn't be the latter. You would say "han laver kyllinger(ne)" instead.

The answer here should be "he is cooking/preparing chicken". I think the proposed correct translation is wrong.


I agree with you. The English word "making" sounds really weird in this case, so I understand the questions about creating a chicken. Native English speakers should add smth.,though. :-)


My boyfriend and I (we're both native speakers of English) talk about making food all the time. There's nothing weird about making chicken, making rice, making soup, making fish, making pasta, etc.

"Cooking" and "preparing" (when "preparing" is used with food) are more specific culinary terms. "Cooking" usually involves heating the food, while "preparing" does not. You can "prepare" a food item without actually "cooking" it, as is the case with a salad. "Preparing" is often a step before "cooking". For example, "preparing the chicken" can mean adding seasoning and spices to it before heating it up in the oven. "Making" is used in a pretty general, broad sense when used with food items (though sometimes "cooking" is used in this sense as well - depends on the speaker). When my boyfriend says to me, "I'm making chicken tonight", he means that he's going to do the preparing and cooking of the chicken (and most importantly, it means that I don't have to make dinner! :-D)


i agree that i would tell my wife that i was making chicken tonight, but if i was writing it i would write cooking or preparing. making chicken is probably slang. Canada


I think you're right in that it is slang. I think we use it a bit here in England but I think it came from the States.


I would actually say that in English you can make a 'mass noun' like pasta, or soup or anything that is a combination of things, but not individual things (without a context) like fish, chicken, steak.


I agree. Here in the UK, we talk about "making chicken soup" or "making chicken curry", but "making chicken" sounds odd.


I can't get past the fact that "laver" is "to wash" in French, ha...


Me too, I instantly go to type that, until I realise this is Danish! :P


I'm a French native speaker and yep I can relate to that, pretty confusing isn't it


This guy is Illuminati Confirmed he can create chickens with his bare hands /_\


this is the weirdest sentence ever


the pronounciation at normal speed differs cconsiderably from that a slow speed. Why is taht?


Is he a cockerel?


There are two pronunciations??


What has evolution come to....


Is "laver" pronounced with a silent V or do I say it?


i'm hearing han lay'o kooleeng. correct?


It doesn't make sense, does it?


Here the translation in french is easier and more natural than in english. on "fait du café". In english we do not "do coffee", we make coffee. litterally it would be fabriquer or créer. The problem is we came to a point where the difficulty is no longer to translate from danish but translate to english. Fabriquer du café ?!??!? The danish sentence is very easy to understand and the english translation means the guy is cosplaying a pullet


Are you talking about God, or what???


Chicken are very intelligent beings, they feel pain, they shouldn't be considered food.


What is he making the chicken do?


Is he another chicken then?


How can you make a chicken? Is this another way to say your cooking a chicken?


It is another way of saying cooking or preparing a chicken - as explained by others in the above contributions - chicken is here understood as the concept of dish of chicken. Making a chicken in the real sense will require devine intervention or some serious bio-engineering.

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