"Yes, but until when?"

Translation:Sì, ma fino a quando?

May 26, 2013

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Just curious, but why can't you use "ma finche' quando"?


in italian they use to say "finchè" in affermative sentences


Duolingo tells me correct answer is.... 'sì, ma fino a quando?' It was rejected when I missed out the 'a' Can anyone tell me why?


I have the same question.


I was wondering the same and from what I've seen, it seems "Sì, ma finqué quando?" means more or less the same thing. However, I am also wondering if the concept of time is already included in "finqué" and quando is not needed here (?). In other words, is "fino a quando" more or less the same as "finqué quando", or as "finqué"? ..Or are they different? Thanks!


Why is "...entro quando" rejected?


is finche bein used in affermative sentences? and a negative?


I read this whole thread, and still don't get it. I wrote, "Si, pero finchè quando?" I missed it, according to the DL underline hints, because of "a fino". DL said I should have said "Sì, però fino a quando?" I don't understand why "finche"--which means "until"-- is wrong, and "fino a" is needed in this case. I found this, if it helps others, but I'm still not getting it.


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