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  5. "Jeg arbejder den hele dag."

"Jeg arbejder den hele dag."

Translation:I work the whole day.

August 29, 2014



I learnt, when I first started learning Danish, that with some adjectives (hel being one of them) you use the definite suffix (so hele dagen). Would saying "Jeg arbejder hele dagen" be wrong here?


That would be equally valid.


Except that's exactly what I just wrote and it said I was wrong. There needs to be some flexibility in the answers it allows if they're valid to express what is asked of you.


no i would not, i'm a native Dane and this test has a lot of mistakes in it. jeg arbejder hele den dag would only make Danes giggle on the inside ( A harmless and sweet lagther of course)


Okay im really late. BUT Heidi, I'm danish as well, and u can say ''jeg arbejder den hele dag'' it sounds a little weird, but theres really nothing wrong with the grammar in it, it's just not used.


He didn't write "...hele den dag" but "...hele dagen" actually... And it matches with a sentence some lessons from this one where there is an otherwise unexplicable "...hele familie...".

So is it correct here, in that other sentence, or in both?

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The meaning is not entirely the same, I think


Why is "I work all day" not an acceptable answer?


I think it's the same.


Why is it "den hele dag" and not "den hel dag". Shouldn't we use -e when it's plural?
Den Danske Ordbog gives hel as the word and not hele, so is this an exception?


Adjectives in Danish take the "-e" form in constructions with the definite article, so it would be en hel dag but den hele dag/hele dagen


Oh yes, how could I forget! Thanks!


And "Jeg spiser det helt kød" is wrong? I dont know if "hel" has 3 forms


Why is "hele dagen" marked wrong... Is it supposed to be "hel dag"


Well, too bad, we were gonna go watch a movie in a 5 star theather


Fra hvilket århundre er den her danskundervisning?

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