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  5. "Minhas saias são cinza."

"Minhas saias são cinza."

Translation:My skirts are gray.

May 26, 2013



Why not « cinzas »?


Some colors have no plural form (colors that are also nouns), so it should be "cinza".


Are you sure about that? As natives says it should be cinzas... And I am confused. Perhaps I will ask on quora haha. Anyway thanks for helping me and other people in Portuguese. Your comments are helpful.


Yes, I'm sure about it =)

Cinzas = ashes


Você é brasileiro?


All colors can be nouns.


No. Colors are adjectives. You need to use a determiner to make them a noun. "Azul" on its own is an adjective.

"O azul dos seus olhos".

Now it is a noun.

"Cinza", "laranja", "rosa" and some others are nouns/adjectives at the same time.


is it from the same root as "cinders" (ash / soot particles)?


Yes, "cinza" also means "ash" or "cinder".


Grey as Cinza has no plural form and no gender form, it's always Cinza.

Grey as Cinzento has both plural forms and gender forms - Cinzentos Cinzenta Cinzentas.

Green and Blue as Verde and Azul, have no gender form but have a plural form - Verdes and Azuis.

Red and Yellow as Vermelho and Amarelo have both plural and gender forms - Vermelhos Vermelha Vermelhas and Amarelos Amarela Amarelas.

The same also applies to Black and White - Preto Pretos Preta Pretas and Branco Brancos Branca Brancas.

There's no rule with colours, you've just got to run with it!


Why not "cinzentas"?


Even though they mean the same thing, cinza is used for a fixed color, that is, it can't be changes (os sapatos são cinza).

Cinzento is mainly used when something has become gray: O céu está cinzento no momento.


Isso mesmo.


Cinzas should be accepted. As a native Portuguese speaker I'd say cinzas, and I'm not the only one -- even in this thread other native speakers are saying they'd say cinzas.


It's a native speaker's privilege to break the rules. ;)


Seems hardly a rule when people don't follow it, but whatever :)


Cinza has no plural?


No when it is a color. Cinzas = ashes


What other colors have no plural form?


there is plural to colors like adjective only to: (White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green) - (Branco, Preto, Vermelho, Amarelo, Azul e Verde).. Another colors have no plural form (Gray, Orange, Purple...) (Cinza, Laranja, Roxo...)


There is a mistake in the question. The correct is "cinzas". I'm a portuguese native speaker.


I think pluralising it is a common mistake but it is not grammatically correct.


if I really understand you, I agree.. it's a commom mistake... the word "cinza" like adjective have no plural (1 casa cinza - 2 casas cinza) different of red for exemplo (1 casa vermelha - 2 casas vermelhas)


I was wrong.... I searched about this and there is a rule to make plural of colors when the colours became adjectives. I'm brazilian and probably I already studied this many years ago... but I did not remember... but now i searched this and some colors has plural form (preto-pretos, vermelho-vermelhos, amarelo.. verde... azul... and branco....) but another colors haven´t (like cinza, violeta, laranja....)... It´s not a rule that all brazilians know, so if you are not portuguese speaker, take it easy... it is a very deep rule to us brazilians too (sorry for my bad english... I hope that coment can be useful to you).


When the color is taken from nature it starts off as "cor de ..." and eventually loses the "cor de ..." (I mean aeons ago) and enters the language as a color that doesn't flex with gender or number: "cor de laranja" -> "laranja", "cor de violeta" -> "violeta", "cor de cinza" -> "cinza", etc.


Its "grey" not "gray" ;)

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