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"Scríobhann an dalta an thuairisc faoi threoir an mhúinteora."

Translation:The pupil writes the report under the direction of the teacher.

August 30, 2014



I think the suggested translation here is incorrect.

"faoi threoir an mhúinteora = under direction of the teacher", while "faoin threoir an mhúinteora = under the direction of the teacher", I believe?

I'm considering "faoin mbord = under the table", for example. "faoi mbord", just sounds wrong (as does "faoi bord" of course).


The genitive is used in this sentence, therefore the definite article is used once in the Irish sentence, but twice in the English. Threoir an mhúinteora= the direction of the teacher


Ah, my mistake. Thank you.

So "... under the teacher's direction" would be one way of writing it in English which only has a single definite article, like the Irish.


I wrote it as “under the teacher’s guidance”, and it was treated as being incorrect.

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