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Offensive Material?

I recently found out that you can offer your own site material for Duolingo articles, and I wanted to volunteer my site 120Paws.


It said I could not because it contains offensive material.

It is a blog that follows the lives of six puppies from day one through their trials and tribulations as they learn about the world.

I don't understand how it's offensive.

May 26, 2013



The message said it MAY contain offensive material I believe - that's happened to me before, and I think they just have a filter that grades the previous content, and maybe if it's possible that there could appear offensive content, it will block it. The same thing happened to me with a celebrity review piece I tried to put up, and even one about dieting. It's got to be some kind of computer filter that picked up a red flag from somewhere in the site. Maybe even just the category blogs is what's blocking yours - who knows!


That's interesting. I guess it scrolled across something it found offensive.


Cute website btw! Sorry it couldn't get posted..


Thanks. I was disappointed, but I figured out that could post individual pages.


Could it be related to "Potty Training 101"? :D


Maybe, I never thought of "potty training" as offensive, lol.


That could indeed be the issue. Duo's filters are rather strict. A few weeks ago a French article about good manners was blocked because it suggested not to use the word 'merde'. ( Which I use here only in quotation marks, so don't blame me...)


hahaha maybe that's it!


As a Chinese, I must say this would not even be a surprise if it happens to me.

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