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Facebook won't stay disconnected

I've tried to disconnect multiple times. But the instant I do another lesson, or close then reopen Duolingo, I'm back to being connected. Is there any way to permanently disconnect it?

August 30, 2014



The trick to disconnecting a FB account from Duo is that you have to click "save changes" to get it to be persistent. Unfortunately, just disconnecting from FB doesn't activate the "save changes" button, so you have to do an extra step. Navigate to the profile settings tab, and click the button to disconnect from Facebook. After doing so, and before leaving the page, make a minor edit to any of the "full name," "location," or "bio" fields, which will activate the "save changes" button. Once it's clickable (it will change from gray to green), click that button to save your changes. You should now be permanently disconnected from Facebook.



Thank you! Have a few lingots.

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